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From Seed to Harvest: J. Huete Greenhouses’ Journey of Success in Iran

On the vast horizon of agriculture in Iran, a high-tech greenhouse project has emerged with a revolutionary proposition. J. Huete Greenhouses, a renowned leader in the greenhouse industry, has undertaken an ambitious project for a significant business group in Iran.

This 9-hectare project, encompassing greenhouses, a nursery, a packing house, and a storage center, is redefining the limits of agricultural production in the country. In this article, we invite you to delve into this success story and discover how J. Huete Greenhouses has ushered in a new era in Iranian agriculture.

Iran is characterized by its diverse climate, with hot summers, cold winters, and significant climatic variability. The high summer temperatures and low winter temperatures, hovering around 0ºC, pose challenges for vegetable cultivation. Furthermore, precipitation exceeding 30% in autumn, spring, and winter, along with snowfall exceeding 10% in January, create an unpredictable environment for farmers. However, J. Huete Greenhouses has developed a greenhouse system that adapts to these extreme climatic conditions.

Cutting-Edge Climate Control: J. Huete Greenhouses’ Gothic-style greenhouse, with an impressive width of 12.8 meters and covering 8 hectares, has been specifically designed for vegetable cultivation in Iran. One of the standout features of this greenhouse is its butterfly-type mobile ventilation system, which allows precise control of airflow and temperature. The anti-insect protective mesh ensures a pest-free environment, while over 160 fans ensure optimal air circulation. Additionally, the water heating system with horizontal pipes in the ground and under the gutter, along with the air fog system, maintain the ideal climatic conditions for plant growth, even in the most extreme seasons.

Optimizing Irrigation and Fertigation: In a country where water is a valuable resource, J. Huete Greenhouses’ irrigation and fertigation system plays a crucial role in project efficiency and productivity. The irrigation system is tailored to the specific needs of each crop, while the drainage collection systems, constructed with polypropylene gutters and spacers, allow for efficient water management and waste prevention. This intelligent water usage approach contributes to minimizing environmental impact and optimizing available resources.

Furthermore, the project includes water pumps and tanks for efficient water storage.

The Importance of Climate Control and Heating: To anticipate the climate conditions in Iran, state-of-the-art climate control and heating systems have been installed, enabling precise monitoring of temperature, humidity, and other key parameters to adjust conditions in real-time. This strategic approach ensures that plants receive optimal growth conditions at all times, even during the most challenging months of the Iranian winter.

A Comprehensive Greenhouse Project: J. Huete Greenhouses’ project in Iran goes beyond just the greenhouses. The construction of a high-tech nursery and a packing house allows for a complete production cycle. Additionally, the storage center ensures efficient management of production and market supply. This comprehensive and cutting-edge approach positions the project as a benchmark in Iran’s agricultural industry.

J. Huete Greenhouses has made its mark in Iran with a high-tech greenhouse project that has overcome climatic challenges and redefined agricultural production in the country. Through the implementation of advanced technologies and sustainable practices, they have created an optimal environment for vegetable cultivation in extreme climatic conditions. This project is a testament to J. Huete Greenhouses’ commitment to innovation and excellence in protected agriculture. Join them on the path to a sustainable and cutting-edge agricultural future in Iran!

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