Dehumidification in greenhouses

Dehumidification in greenhouses

Dehumidifiers in greenhouses are vital pieces of equipment to help maintain control over the environment. Not only temperature and light are important in the development of crops, but humidity has a big impact on them.

Agricultural dehumidifiers

This technology allows the humidity in the air to be reduced, thus favouring the protected crop. Dehumidifiers in greenhouses take the humid air and cool it, generating condensation and removing excess humidity. The air is then heated to match the outside temperature as it is returned to the environment shared with the fruit, vegetables, flowers, medical cannabis…

Greenhouse environmental control specialists

Having a dehumidifier in the greenhouse can mean the difference between optimal and less profitable production.

Prevent diseases

Since many of the diseases that crops suffer from are caused by excess humidity, which they need in order to thrive, having dehumidifying equipment in the greenhouse will create environments that are not conducive to fungi, moulds and other pests.

Favours prone environments

All plants have a preferred environment in which to thrive. To achieve this, it is vital that the humidity is in the right range.

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