High-tech greenhouses for profitable agribusinesses

Making a farm business profitable is a challenge that companies in the sector face on a daily basis. Devising and developing a multi-hectare project to produce any type of crop requires not only courage and investment but also extensive technical skills. To save problems, companies turn to innovative partners such as J. Huete International, which has the best high-tech greenhouse projects in its catalogue.

Why a high-tech greenhouse is necessary

In today’s world of efficient agriculture, only high-tech greenhouses can enable agricultural businesses to get the most out of crop growth, yield and profitability. From advanced control methods to year-round production cycles, a high-tech greenhouse offers unparalleled advantages to farmers and investors of all kinds.

What does technology bring to smart greenhouse production and why is it necessary? To begin with, one of the most important things, is the independence from the climatic conditions of the project site, avoiding wind, rain or cold conditions. This control capacity means that productions can be extended throughout the year to obtain higher productivity, as well as food quality and safety. In addition to overcoming the climate, these installations make it possible to use low-quality and even unproductive soils.

In this way, it has two major benefits. One is social, as it generates stable work throughout the year, and the other is economic, as a highly technical greenhouse increases production and therefore profits.

Advantages of having a high-tech greenhouse

In addition to all of the above, the following advantages of having an intelligent greenhouse can be added thanks to the control and automatisms with which they help farmers:

  • It makes it possible to intensify production.
  • It increases yields thanks to the control of the environment.
  • It entails less risk as the technological equipment serves to enhance the health of the crops.
  • Pests, weeds and diseases can be avoided as much as possible.
  • Reduced use of fertilisers thanks to fertigation and hydroponics.
  • Possibility to grow crops all year round and produce out of season.
  • Can be grown in any type of soil thanks to hydroponics.
  • All these advantages converge in higher quality products.

In short, a high-tech greenhouse is a state-of-the-art facility designed from the ground up to use a variety of methods and technologies to maximise crop yields and improve business profitability.

These facilities can include advanced monitoring systems, extra CO2 implementation, heating, ventilation, hydroponic growing systems and much more.

By making smart investments in these types of facilities, companies can help create more stable and profitable operations that offer greater protection against harsh market conditions.

If you would like help designing your own high-tech greenhouse project, please contact us for no-obligation assistance.

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