J. Huete International joins a project in Iraq for more than 5.000m2 of high-tech greenhouses

  • It is a highly technical project led by the Jordanian company Eco Consult for Agruserve
  • The installation is intended to be an agricultural and horticultural reference throughout the country

J. Huete International
is participating in the construction of 5,000 m2 of high-tech smart greenhouses in Erbil (Iraq). The Spanish company provides the structure, the plastic covering, the shading screens, the irrigation system and the climate control, among other advanced and intelligent equipment.

This highly technical project, promoted by the Dutch embassy in Iraq, is led by the company Eco Consult (Jordan). Thanks to these 5,000m2 of high-tech greenhouses, the company that will implement it, Agruserve, will be able to boost the agricultural sector in the Erbil region, as well as local employment.

In addition, J. Huete International will train local technicians in the use of the advanced technology included in these smart greenhouses. The aim is to ensure the optimal use of resources while maximizing production.

The project is at an early stage and construction has just begun.

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