Spanish growers investing in high-end greenhouses to meet export quality

While the majority of Spain’s greenhouse acreage consists of simple, basic and low-cost greenhouse structures, a small but increasing amount of growers are investing in more efficient, high-end greenhouses.

According to Leonardo Juarez of Spanish greenhouse builder J.Huete International, this is the result of the fact that more Spanish growers are shifting their focus to export markets.

“Growers who focus on the export market are required to meet the highest quality standards. They need to produce fruits that are very consistent in shape, size and colour. Many of the growers, therefore, invested in high-tech greenhouses and technology, in order to provide their crops with the best climatic environment possible, year-round.”

For J.Huete this means a lot of business in their home market; while the company manufactures and exports its complete greenhouse projects all over the world,  they have a steady flow of business coming from installations in Spain. “Last year, for example, we completed a total of 30 hectares for the organic grower and marketer Bio Sabor in Almeria.”

“We install dedicated technology, helping them to achieve the best results. Depending on where the project is located we furthermore can add additional technology like screening, fogging systems, butterfly ventilation and supplemental heating systems. We deliver everything turnkey, working with the most respected suppliers of climate control and greenhouse technology.”

But despite the positive situation in their home market, J.Huete stays focused on the export markets too. They currently have branch offices all over the world and are active in a total of 28 countries.

“For us, the export and domestic market is usually divided over 60%-70% export and 30%-40% domestic. It changes somewhat every other year. However, we expect an increase of business on the export markets, and 2016 will be a busy year for our company.”

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