J. Huete Greenhouses to build 15 hectares of greenhouses for Bonnysa

J. Huete Greenhouses will be in charge of building one of the largest greenhouse projects in Europe in 2024. It consists of fifteen hectares of multi-tunnel greenhouses for Bonnysa, whose objective is the intensive production of tomatoes of the highest and most rigorous quality.

Located in the Region of Murcia, this turnkey greenhouse project has been designed over the last few months by Bonnysa with the collaboration of the J. Huete Greenhouses engineering team. Construction will begin in April and is scheduled to be completed and ready to start work during the summer of this year.

The planned greenhouses have a gutter height of 6 metres. They also reach a height of 8.80 metres at the raised ridge. They are equipped with overhead butterfly ventilation and perimeter ventilation on the sides and front.

In addition, they will have plastic cladding with UV protection cellular panels in various areas, motorised roll-up doors, energy-saving screens, climate control, floor covering fabric and a complete electrical system.

The gutters have been lacquered white over the Magnelis coating in order to give the greenhouse access to more light, as well as more protection against rust as this project is located very close to the coast. Likewise, the arches and ventilation arms have also been lacquered in white to maintain a suitable temperature so that the plastic has greater durability and extra light.

The project includes hydroponic growing gutters hanging from the greenhouse with a system for collecting and disinfecting the drainage, a method that will allow the company to save a significant amount of irrigation water and fertilisers, as well as obtaining a healthy, tasty and top quality horticultural production. In this way, the project demonstrates a holistic approach to sustainability

A global vision
While developing this project, one of the largest in terms of surface area in Europe in 2024, J. Huete Greenhouses continues to work for other clients simultaneously in other parts of the world. This is the case, for example, in Mexico, where it is building 1.5 hectare greenhouses for the technified and hydroponic production of strawberries; in Australia, where it is building two greenhouses for the production of berries for Driscoll’s; or in the north of Spain, where it is working on a glass greenhouse for Planasa.

In addition, he has just finished the construction of two greenhouses for seed research in South America, and one of the most technologically advanced greenhouses in Europe, located in Portugal, for the production of medicinal Cannabis.

With this project, J. Huete Greenhouses reaffirms its commitment to innovation and leadership in the agricultural sector, marking a before and after in the history of European agriculture.

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