Medical Cannabis

The cultivation of Medical Cannabis is of interest to many customers and investors in the agricultural sector, due to its medicinal use, also with THC and other synthesised cannabinoids, used to treat illnesses or alleviate symptoms.
J. Huete International designs and manufactures high-tech greenhouses. For years it has had a line of work focused on the design and construction of projects for the cultivation of Medicinal Cannabis.

Turnkey projects


J. Huete International is a company specialised in turnkey projects, which means that we adapt our proposals to the needs and concerns of our clients. We have projects on all continents, so we are familiar with any type of climate.

General points to consider:

Relative humidity, radiation and temperature control.


Disease control

GMP and GACP compliance


Mother plants usually regenerate every 4 weeks and have a life cycle of 6 months to 1 year.
It lasts approximately 2 weeks and is carried out in rooms similar to germination chambers with very high humidity. It is possible to use propagation tables and a specially equipped compartment.
The vegetative phase must have good humidity for rooting to take place, thus facilitating the work of the cuttings. It usually takes 4 weeks to grow until flowering.
The duration of flowering is the phase that depends most on the genetics. It ranges between 8-10 weeks.

Experts in medical cannabis technologies

As experts in medical Cannabis technologies, J.Huete International accompanies its clients in the process of establishing a sustainable business in the dynamic Cannabis market, using state-of-the-art technologies and machinery to guarantee maximum yields and quality, as well as complying with GMP and GACP standards.

Equipment and technology

Our equipment will allow you to increase and decrease the relative humidity until you obtain suitable intervals for the different stages of plant growth.

On the other hand, we control the temperature through the interaction of various equipment such as Refrigeration, Humidification, Heating, Fans / Exhaust fans.

The interaction of this equipment, together with the appropriate management of the compartments, which have previously been designed on the basis of a numerical ratio, makes it possible to create a controlled environment that varies according to the compartment in question, i.e. according to the stage of the crop it houses.

Disease control

As far as disease control is concerned, please note that we have a line of patented Hydroponic Systems, which has one of the best solutions in terms of drainage management.
Regarding genetics with higher plant densities we offer different types of Growing Tables in order to reach the optimal number of plants in each compartment.

Advisory and advice and consultancy

Which type of greenhouse to choose?

What technology do you need?

J. Huete International advises you on everything related to your project so that you can grow Medical Cannabis from day one.
We advise those clients who have growers, agronomists, but do not have the know-how of greenhouses focused on the production of Medicinal Cannabis, we create synergy between all the requirements specified by the client’s technical team and the numerous alternatives that exist, not only in relation to the design of the compartments but also to the production systems and equipment that are included in this type of project.
At the same time, the consultancy service has a wider scope: it includes a visit to the site by our technicians and the drawing up of a topographical plan of the site, the estimation of consumption and the drawing up of a set of detailed plans of the different installations and systems, as well as civil works plans.

Some of our Medical Cannabis greenhouse projects

Medical Cannabis at Opticlima

OPTICLIMA: a greenhouse for the cultivation of Medical Cannabis

Thanks to its complete equipment, the Opticlima greenhouse model enhances the experience of growing Medical Cannabis.

This intelligent installation increases the effectiveness of disease prevention, including air filters to prevent the entry of spores, micro-organisms and bacteria.

Take a look at a real project

Research greenhouse next to CEBAS-CSIC.

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Medical Cannabis

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