Gothic macro tunnels with optimal use of light, air and water for protected strawberry cultivation.
J. Huete International designs and manufactures solutions for different growers and types of crops. With the aim of maximising the production and quality of strawberries, it markets the Berryfesta, a greenhouse-inspired structure that can be adapted to all budgets.

Gothic tunnels

This solution consists of a series of gothic macro tunnels with a greenhouse-inspired structure and a plastic cover that protects the strawberries from the weather.

Gothic macro tunnels

No condensation build-up

Unlike round tunnels, our Berryfesta and its gothic structure allow condensation to fall to the sides, preventing it from accumulating on the ceiling.

Hydroponics in two modalities

Our gothic macro tunnels for strawberry cultivation include cultivation and drainage collection systems inside. These can be placed in two ways: elevated on posts or hanging from the structure.

Elevated growing systems

Hanging growing systems


Gothic strawberry macro tunnels: the best value for money on the market.

Some Berryfesta projects

Consultancy and advice

We help you to concretely define the specifications of our gothic macro strawberry tunnel system on your own farm.

Commitment to the client

Our thirty-five years of experience in the agricultural market enable us to meet the most demanding deadlines: our customers’ production cycles are paramount.

Take a look at a real project

Berryfesta in Spain.

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