Growing benches for greenhouses

At J. Huete Greenhouses we offer a wide range of growing benches designed to meet the needs of professional greenhouses. Our cultivation benches provide practical and efficient solutions for the production of a variety of crops, from ornamentals to vegetables and seedlings.

Advantages of our cultivation benches

    • Optimal working height: Our benches have a comfortable and adjustable height in some cases, which facilitates cultivation work without bending down, ideal for greenhouse workers.
    • Space optimization: Designed to optimize the space in your greenhouse, our cultivation benches allow an efficient use of the greenhouse surface.
    • Flexibility and mobility: We offer fixed, sliding, mobile and automatic movement systems to suit your specific needs.
    • Irrigation options: Our benches can include flood bottoms, flood irrigation trays, cellular polycarbonate plates or galvanized steel sheet trays covered with irrigation blanket.
    • Hygiene and disinfection: Ease of disinfection and hygiene is a key feature of our benches, crucial to maintaining a clean and healthy environment in your greenhouse.

Growing benches: professional models for greenhouses


Fixed benches: Ideal for a permanent and durable configuration.


Sliding benches: Easy access and movement in the greenhouse.


Mobile / Transportable benches: They offer the advantage of mobility, making it easy to rearrange your growing space as needed. They are usually used in nurseries.


Growing bench systems with automatic movement: Professional and highly effective. The choice of demanding growers. Successfully installed in greenhouses for Medical Cannabis production.

Customization of your cultivation benches

We understand that every greenhouse is unique, and that is why we offer custom-made growing benches. Before we manufacture your benches, we conduct a thorough study of your space and your specific requirements, ensuring that the tables are perfectly adapted to your environment.



All of our growing benches can incorporate both flood bottom and mesh, providing flexible irrigation options.

At J. Huete Greenhouses, our growing benches are the perfect complement for professional greenhouses looking for efficient, hygienic and flexible solutions. Our variety of models and customization options guarantee that you will find the ideal growing bench for your needs.

If you are interested in acquiring high quality growing benches for your greenhouse or nursery, contact us without obligation and ask for our prices and customization options, galvanized, distance between feet, reinforcements, anchors, leveling, rails, etc.

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