Semi-closed greenhouse with high-tech equipment to increase efficiency and prevent the appearance of pests and diseases

J. Huete International designs and manufactures high-tech greenhouses. Its innovative vocation leads it to put on the market new solutions that allow its customers to obtain higher degrees of efficiency in their agricultural business.

One of these solutions is the Opticlima model.

What it is

It is a semi-closed greenhouse with concentrated high-tech equipment to increase efficiency and with applications that aim to prevent the appearance of pests and diseases, as well as to maintain the right temperature in hot, dry climates.







Medical Cannabis

…or whatever you want

Technology and equipment of the Opticlima greenhouse

This high-tech greenhouse has a cooling system designed for large-scale installations (more than 120 metres) and heating that can be varied between pipes and fans.
The Opticlima is designed so that the hot air is recirculated from top to bottom through sleeves, which means considerable energy savings. Another important system is the CO2 injection system which is carried out in the corridor next to the greenhouse and which is distributed evenly towards the crops, allowing high levels of this vital gas for the plants to be reached and maintained.

More equipment and technology

Climate control

Software to manage the climate control and positive pressure systems.


Always in operation, varying the speed depending on the climate.


Software to manage climate control and positive pressure systems.

Distribution adapted

to the position of the crop, the flow rate, the pressure at which it must circulate…


Boosting R&D&I

This greenhouse is specially designed to protect crops using high-tech equipment.

Characteristics of our greenhouses

More details

Medical Cannabis at Opticlima

OPTICLIMA: a greenhouse for the cultivation of Medical Cannabis
Thanks to its complete equipment, the Opticlima greenhouse model enhances the experience of growing Medical Cannabis. This intelligent installation increases the effectiveness of disease prevention, including air filters to prevent the entry of spores, micro-organisms and bacteria.

Take a look at a real project

Research greenhouse next to CEBAS-CSIC.
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