Seedbeds, nurseries and greenhouses for seed research

High technology at the service of innovation and development
Our projects are integral and have turnkey solutions for each client according to their needs, adapting them to each climate and type of seed. Three decades of experience have led us to design and build efficient and sustainable seed research greenhouses, seedbeds and nurseries in more than 35 countries.

Ideal for all types of seeds

Some of our seedbed, nursery and seed greenhouse projects

To achieve the optimal development of each seed at its most crucial moment, thanks to a tailor-made project design.
We design and build greenhouses for seeds to maximise their performance thanks to high technology.
We accompany each client from the conception of the project, through the manufacturing, execution, start-up of the project and even after-sales service.

Technology and equipment

Each project includes everything necessary to maximise production.
These types of agricultural projects for research or seed development in greenhouses or study centres may include:
Irrigation systems

Climate control

Fog systems



Shading screens

Cooling system

Thermal screens

Recirculation and/or ventilation

Sliding rails

Take a look at a real example

Characteristics of nurseries and seedbeds

They have a large volume, allow automation, incorporate a high degree of airtightness and a good distribution of external light.


What is a nursery:
Installation in which different types of plants are planted, germinated and grown.
Areas of a nursery:


What is a seedbed:
Installation in which horticultural crops are sown. Seeds are placed in it for germination.
Areas of a seedbed:

Three decades of thinking, designing and manufacturing the seed greenhouses of the future

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