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Ideas at the service of our customers: what sets us apart and why they choose us

We are aware of the importance of developing new products applied to agriculture. We have a Research, Development and Innovation department in charge of designing and creating new structures for greenhouses, more precise and efficient technological components, higher performance cultivation systems, as well as new parts and accessories.

After more than 30 years of experience in the sector, we have found that innovation is the basis with which to face all the challenges that the future holds for us. We are also proud to apply our ideas and research to our customers’ projects, making them more profitable and effective in their goals of saving money, maximising production and developing work processes.


100% proven


Our performance is the result of our firm commitment to quality and excellence.

Every project we involve has the same objective: to perfect our designs and our processes so that the client feels at the centre of everything and obtains the proposed result.


We know how important it is to have automated systems in agricultural production in order to obtain the best results.

For this reason, our R&D&I department works on the most sophisticated equipment, with the aim of providing our customers with automated systems that not only make the processes simpler, but also favour the optimum development of the crops.

We incorporate into each project the automated solutions required, based on the needs of each project in terms of climate, crop, investment, size…

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This certificate recognises the firm commitment to research carried out by J. Huete International to provide its intelligent greenhouses with the most advanced and efficient technology.

New generation of systems for the energetic use of residual biomasses. Towards carbon-negative energy sources

This R&D project involves the participation of four companies, including J. Huete International, and three research centres: CARTIF, CEBAS-CSIC and IMDEAE.

The aim of this research is to develop a system that allows the creation of an energy source at lower cost and with very important benefits associated with waste management, improved air quality, maintenance of natural resources and the generation of wealth.

J. Huete International continues to develop its capacity for innovation thanks to different projects. One of them consists of a semi-enclosed greenhouse located in the experimental farm of CEBAS-CSIC.

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