Hydroponic growing systems

Greater control for more quantity and better quality

Hydroponic growing systems, also known as production systems, allow farmers to have great control over the state of health of the plants, with the aim of avoiding diseases and consequent losses, so that the final results generate more quantity of production and a better quality of fruit and vegetable products.


Hydroponics also helps to avoid soil degradation and saves water and energy costs.

Soil systems

When installing hydroponics in agricultural projects, it is important to consider whether you want to grow in soil or above ground. In the case of the former, they are usually suitable for large plants and small fruit trees.

Elevated systems

These are the ones that give the best results as they are the most capable of generating aeration and oxygenation of the roots. They also make labour easier. They can be placed on posts or hanging from the greenhouse structure.
J. Huete International has installed hydroponic production systems in agricultural projects around the world.
In addition, to facilitate the transition between traditional and hydroponic systems, and to speed up the process, we have the precise machinery to manufacture the metal carcasses at our customers’ facilities.

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