Ventilation systems for demanding projects

Ventilation systems are essential for the good development of protected greenhouse crops. They are also very important for farmers to maintain a suitable climatic environment.


A proper ventilation and circulation system helps to control humidity and temperature in the greenhouse. Its good use ensures optimal air distribution to avoid large temperature differences and uneven growth, helps to manage humidity at crop level and reduces energy costs.

Types of ventilation

Ventilation inside the greenhouse is vital to avoid diseases. For example, during the night, the environment tends to become cooler and even damp. Dew droplets left on the plants, if not removed by uniform and adequate ventilation, can cause diseases.

Natural ventilation

Natural ventilation in a greenhouse is ventilation from outside the greenhouse. It can be zenithal, if the openings are in the roof, or sideways, in the case of roll-up walls.

Mechanical ventilation

In order to ensure the correct use of ventilation and thus obtain the greatest positive impact on the crops, it is important to have a good mechanical installation that promotes perfect ventilation inside the greenhouse.

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