Greenhouse automation

Total control

There are numerous automation systems for high-tech greenhouses and they allow to maximize control over the environment, especially the climate, intervening in the opening of ventilation, lighting, heating… But they also serve to manage irrigation, CO2, humidity…

From the centre

J. Huete International personalises its projects so that clients obtain optimum results in terms of operation. Thus, as far as greenhouse automation is concerned, they have a central computer connected to a multitude of high-tech sensors distributed throughout the greenhouse that gather the most complete information about what is happening inside.

And from there, everything is controlled

Automation has many advantages for controlling everything that happens in the greenhouse environment. But it is also possible:

Automate and control

The climate with our JH Eco-Clima

Forced or natural ventilation

Water or air heating


Cooling system

Fog system



Irrigation, both fertigation and irrigation trolleys


Specialists in automation

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