Cooling in greenhouses

Optimum temperature for maximum development

In arid, dry climates with excessively high temperatures, suitable cooling systems are necessary to achieve the perfect thermal environment for optimal plant growth.

Efficient systems

The agricultural projects designed and built by J. Huete International include various options to guarantee the optimum temperature inside a greenhouse in very hot climates.

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Specialists in greenhouse refrigeration

The use of cooling equipment has grown exponentially in recent years due to the need to produce more and better quality foodstuffs, even in very hot areas and even in arid and dry climates.

Misting systems

They aim to increase the degree of humidity inside the greenhouse and therefore reduce the temperature by means of high-pressure misting.

Cooling type systems

They have evaporation panels at one end of the greenhouse and fans/extractors at the other end. Thanks to these, air is drawn in from the outside, passing through the cooling pad and lowering the air temperature.

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