Double plastic skin inflated in greenhouses

What is the double skin of inflated plastic

The double inflated plastic chamber (or skin) is an innovative technology used in greenhouse construction. It consists of the installation of a system of two plastic layers that are inflated with air, creating an insulating air chamber between the layers. This air chamber provides significant benefits in terms of thermal insulation and humidity control inside the greenhouse.

Improved energy efficiency

The double skin of inflated plastic has multiple applications and benefits in protected agriculture. It serves to improve crop yields by creating an optimal environment for growth and development. By providing efficient thermal insulation, it helps maintain a stable temperature inside the greenhouse, protecting plants from external temperature fluctuations and creating a favorable environment for their development.

More efficient greenhouses

The inflated double-skin plastic acts as a barrier against water, preventing dripping and the formation of condensation on plants. This reduces the risk of fungal diseases and improves crop quality by preventing moisture damage.

Characteristics of the double skin of inflated plastic in greenhouses

Strength, Durability and Thermal Insulation

The double chamber inflated plastic is characterized by its strength, durability and thermal insulation capacity. It is designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and protect crops from the damaging effects of inclement weather. In addition, the plastic used in the double chamber can be treated to be thermal and drip-proof, further enhancing its performance in the greenhouse.

Temperature control

The double air skin creates an additional layer of insulation that minimizes heat loss and controls humidity inside the greenhouse. This allows maintaining a suitable temperature for crop growth and reduces the need for additional heating or cooling systems, resulting in significant energy savings.

Benefits of inflated plastic double chambers in greenhouses

The inflated plastic double skin offers a number of benefits for farmers and crops. Some of the main benefits include:

Thermal insulation

The double air chamber helps to maintain a stable and favorable temperature for crop growth, even in extreme climatic conditions. It is estimated that energy savings can reach 30%.

Humidity control

The inflated plastic prevents condensation and dripping, reducing the risk of disease and crop damage.

Energy savings

The thermal insulation provided by the double chamber reduces the need for additional heating or cooling systems, resulting in significant energy and cost savings.

Crop quality improvement

By creating a controlled and protected environment, the double chamber of inflated plastic promotes healthy crop development, improving crop quality and yield.

Increased durability

The plastic used in the double chamber is strong and durable, ensuring a long service life and reliable crop protection.

The inflated plastic double chamber is a highly effective and efficient option for optimizing greenhouse growing conditions, providing significant benefits for growers and improving crop productivity and quality.

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Double plastic chamber inflated in greenhouses