Lighting in greenhouses

Artificial lights to enhance growth

Greenhouse production needs indoor lighting to enhance the development of fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Better lighting, more flavour

J. Huete International installs the best LED lights in greenhouses for propagation as well as for growing young or large-scale plants.
The use of proper lighting inside a greenhouse allows:

More efficient and higher-yielding crops

J. Huete International carefully studies each project to install the most suitable lighting, with the aim of maximising crop yields while reducing energy costs.

Four lighting characteristics for optimal crop growth

We work on four key points to adapt the best possible lighting for the development of each plant.

Light level

Adequate quantity.


Adapted to the crop, with high red content for high efficiency.


For constant growth.


Automated switching on and off and measuring of the number of hours per day.

luces led invernadero

The light that guides our steps

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