Heating in greenhouses

The heat your plantation needs

There are fruit and vegetable species that are very sensitive to large temperature changes, especially those that involve a considerable drop in temperature at one time of the year or at night. This is one of the reasons why entire harvests are lost.

Efficient systems

The agricultural projects designed and built by J. Huete International include various options to guarantee the optimum temperature inside a greenhouse in cold climates or with frosty seasons.

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Greenhouse heating specialists

There is no single way to optimise the temperature in a greenhouse. Depending on many factors, one type of heating or another will be necessary.

Air heating

This system blows warm air into the greenhouse, increasing the temperature in relation to the outside and ensuring optimal plant growth.

Water heating

This system transfers hot water from a storage tank to the pipes that run through the greenhouse, providing heat in a homogeneous, controlled and centralised manner.

Characteristics and details

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