What is a buffer tank, what is it for and why is it important for a large greenhouse

A large plantation needs a lot of care. In this article, we tell you how our buffer tank can help large greenhouses. And if you need a price or a quote, scroll down to the end of the post

Taking care of a large greenhouse is a difficult challenge that requires, in addition to qualified personnel, a good deal of high technology. In this way, tasks can be automated and generate an overall benefit for the crops. Our buffer tanks are a good example of this, as they help greenhouses with specific and exact CO2 inputs, while at the same time helping to save energy and consequently money.
In this article we tell you what a buffer tank is, what it is used for and why it is so important for a large greenhouse.

What is a buffer tank

A buffer tank is a large insulated tank, which allows the storage of thermal energy in the form of hot water from the boilers, while the CO2 from the combustion is distributed in the greenhouse. As photosynthesis takes place during the day, the buffer tank is used to store thermal energy during daylight hours.

At J. Huete International we have installed buffer tanks in greenhouses such as BioSabor in Almeria. Our teams carry out the designs while simulating different situations to obtain a buffer tank tailored to the client’s needs, which we then install according to our premise of maximum quality.

buffer tank

What is a buffer tank for and why is it important?

The main purpose of the buffer tank is to store all the thermal energy generated in the boilers while CO2 is supplied to the greenhouse crops during the day. This practice serves to enrich them as much as possible during the photosynthesis process, which is very beneficial as CO2 levels in greenhouses drop as all the plants make use of the CO2 inside the installation.

Therefore, in order for the plants to reach a high potential and production times to be faster, good levels of supplementary CO2 are needed, which can be achieved thanks to our buffer tank.

In addition, in long periods of cold weather, or in locations with very cold climates, the greenhouse windows remain closed for long periods of time, during which the air exchange is drastically reduced and consequently the CO2 concentration inside the greenhouse drops to extremely low levels. A buffer tank can therefore be an ideal solution to obtain these optimal CO2 levels for the crops.

How a buffer tank saves energy

Did you know that a buffer tank can save a lot of energy… and money? You may have already guessed from the above information, but if not, read on.

One of the key points for crops to reach their full potential is to grow at the right temperature. The climatic variety of our planet means that, in many places, during the night, and sometimes also during the day, there are temperatures that can seriously damage them, prevent their growth or directly end their production cycle.

what is a buffer tank

That is why it is so important to maintain the right temperature in greenhouses, and that is also what the buffer tank is for.

Our buffer tank stores the thermal energy produced during the day, in addition to the CO2 produced by gas combustion, even if it is not needed to heat the greenhouse. And here is the key: this energy is not lost. It is stored in the installation while the plants obtain the necessary gases to support their photosynthesis process. Later, during the night, instead of turning on the boilers, the hot water obtained from the thermal energy stored in the buffer tank maintains the temperature. This results in considerable energy and, of course, economic savings.

On the other hand, having a buffer tank allows the heating system to work in a constant and therefore more efficient way, as the heating of the system will be carried out progressively and mainly based on the CO2 demand. In addition, this large mass of hot water allows the system to act quickly at times of high demand, without affecting the overall performance of the heating system.

Do you want to know more about these storage tanks? If you need a price estimate or a quotation for a buffer tank, please contact us.

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