J. Huete International travels to Canada to participate in North America’s largest agricultural trade fair

  • The Spanish company participates in the Canadian Greenhouse Conference, a meeting point for reflection on greenhouses, technology, innovation and sustainability
  • Experts from all over the world will meet on 5 and 6 October to share their points of view on various issues related to fruit and vegetable production

The world greenhouse market will meet on 5 and 6 October in Niagara Falls (Ontario, Canada) to discuss the current state of the agricultural sector and the different innovations in this type of facility with the aim of achieving greater water and energy efficiency while maintaining their production capacity.

Specialists from all over the world will share their thoughts on the market and the demands of the population in North America. Among these experts will be staff from J. Huete International’s sales and export team, on stand 236, to showcase their capabilities in implementing large-scale agricultural projects including high-tech greenhouses, as well as examples already designed and built for customers around the world.

Smart greenhouses

The Spanish company, one of the protagonists of the Canadian Greenhouse Conference, has already completed a multitude of projects for growers all over the world. J. Huete International has designed and manufactured high-tech greenhouses capable of measuring and controlling everything that happens inside them, so that it is easier to maximise plant growth and avoid most of the problems that usually occur. Among other aspects, it is possible to automate the distribution of sunlight, irrigation, the climate inside the greenhouse… For the latter, the company is able to provide its clients with recirculating fans, extractors, humidification systems, cooling systems, heating, CO2 systems…

To learn more about its projects and its agricultural technology, members of the sales team will be available for visits and questions on stand 236 at the Canadian Greenhouse Conference.

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