J. Huete Greenhouses seeks the ideal agrovoltaic technology for greenhouses

J. Huete Greenhouses, a leader in innovative solutions for agricultural production in greenhouses, continues to develop a revolutionary research project focused on determining the potential of solar panels integrated into greenhouse structures. This initiative seeks to evaluate the feasibility of using solar energy to partially or totally power the greenhouse itself, without compromising the development of horticultural and fruit crops.

The project comprises four modules that explore various technologies and methods. These include semi-transparent solar panels, which, while providing energy efficiency, pose challenges by affecting the light needed for plant growth. In this initial phase, different technologies are being tested to determine which is the most suitable, focusing on semi-transparent and opaque panels, which are being evaluated in terms of shading and their impact on production.

The project also includes a control module without shading and another with a 50% shading screen, imitating the effect of solar panels to analyze their results. An exhaustive measurement of parameters such as temperature, radiation, electrical production, photosynthetic rate, among others, will be carried out to determine the most appropriate technology for implementation in the next phase, the pilot greenhouse.

In this initial stage, the tested crop is tomato, grown in soil with localized drip irrigation. Subsequently, the research will be extended to the cultivation of peppers.

J. Huete Greenhouses is committed to continuous research and development in agrivoltaica, merging agricultural production with sustainable energy sources to drive innovation in the industry.

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