J. Huete Greenhouses receives the internationalization award from Expansión and IFEMA

The XVI edition of the SME Awards honored J. Huete Greenhouses for its international trajectory after three decades designing and building greenhouses of all kinds in almost forty countries. The jury valued “the ambition of a project that began as a supplier of agricultural equipment in Murcia and Almeria, and today has a global dimension”.

The award ceremony took place at IFEMA, where Javier Huete Lázaro, Business Development Manager, received the award from Rafael Sánchez, deputy assistant general manager and director of Bankinter’s SME division.

“The internationalization of J. Huete Greenhouses has not only fueled our growth, but has also generated employment and contributed to economic development in the regions where we operate. We export not only products, but also knowledge and expertise, which benefits local communities and strengthens regional economies.”

Javier Huete

The Pyme Awards recognize the work of this type of companies, which shape 98% of the business fabric in Spain, also generating 75% of job creation. “SMEs are the backbone of all economic activity in Spain: you are true heroes, who generate employment and contribute to improving other people’s lives every day,” said Rocío Albert López-Ibor, Regional Minister of Economy, Finance and Employment of the Community of Madrid, who presided over the ceremony at IFEMA, during the awards ceremony.

“This award not only honors J. Huete Greenhouses, but also Spain and specifically the Region of Murcia, demonstrating that vision, innovation, diversification and environmental responsibility can transcend borders and make a significant difference in the agricultural industry globally.”

Javier Huete

J. Huete Greenhouses would like to thank Expansión and IFEMA for the award, as well as the jury and the sponsors Bankinter, Orange and SGR Cesgar.

XVI Expansion PYMES Awards Photos: JMCadenas PRESENTATION EVENT Below, from left to right: Javier García Pagán, general manager of the News Area of Unidad Editorial; Belén García Díaz, general manager of the Public Employment Service of the Community of Madrid; Rafael Sánchez Raymundo, deputy assistant general manager and director of the SMEs division of Bankinter; Soledad Borrego, secretary general of Ifema Madrid; Ana I. Pereda, director of EXPANSIÓN; Rocío Albert López-Ibor, minister of Economy, Finance and Employment of the Community of Madrid; Juan Arrizabalaga, general manager of Ifema Madrid; Joaquín Colino, general manager B2B of Orange; and Paul Victoria Mancy, CEO and founder of Balene. Above, from left to right: José Pedro Salcedo, president of SGR-Cesgar; Miguel Ángel Carrera, CEO of Added Value Solutions (AVS); Javier Huete Lázaro, director of operations and business development of J. Huete Greenhouses; Inés Larrea, CEO and co-founder of Cimico; Ricardo Ramírez, chief people officer of Civitatis; María Pilar Casado Navarro-Rubio, CEO and co-founder of WorkandLife; Sergio Cobos, general manager of Advertising at Unidad Editorial; and Andrés de Santiago, CEO and co-founder of Jana Producciones.

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