J. Huete International leads the construction of 3.5 hectares of greenhouses for Barberet & Blanc (Dümmen Orange)

  • The project exceeds one million euros and includes high-tech equipment


J. Huete International is developing a high-tech greenhouse project for Barberet & Blanc, part of the Dümmen Orange group. The company is a specialist in the selection and production of ornamental plants, with more than fifty years of experience and exports to more than sixty countries.

It is 3.5 hectares located in the Region of Murcia, where intelligent greenhouses are being installed for the production of plant material for floriculture.

Specifically, these greenhouses will be equipped with high-tech equipment to optimise production in an efficient and sustainable way, guaranteeing the lowest possible consumption. They include, among other systems, climate management equipment, thermal screens and cultivation tables. In total, the project exceeds one million euros.

The new Barberet & Blanc (Dümmen Orange) facility, whose construction started a few weeks ago, is scheduled to be operational as of August 2022.

Specialists in project design

J. Huete International is not only leading the construction of this project, but its technical department has designed all the details of the project in collaboration with the company to meet its needs for production, distribution, efficiency and energy cost-savings.

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