Benefits of Inflated Plastic Double Skin in Greenhouses

inflated double skin

Optimizing plant growth and improving energy efficiency in greenhouses with inflated plastic double skin coverings

In the ongoing quest to improve protected agriculture, greenhouses have experienced significant advances in technology. One of these advances is the inflated plastic double skin system, which offers numerous benefits for plant cultivation and energy efficiency. In this article, we will explore in detail the benefits of using the inflated plastic double skin in greenhouses, including its thermal insulation capabilities, impact resistance, condensation control and improved energy efficiency.

  1. Increased thermal insulation capacity: The inflated double plastic skin acts as an additional layer of insulation in the greenhouse. By inflating the space between the plastic layers, an air skin is created that reduces heat loss and maintains a more stable temperature inside the greenhouse. This is especially beneficial in regions with extreme temperature fluctuations, as it helps protect plants from sudden changes and promotes optimal growth.
  2. Impact and damage resistance: The inflated plastic double skin system provides greater impact and damage resistance compared to a single plastic liner. The layer of air between the two layers of plastic acts as a shock absorber, absorbing shocks and protecting both the plants and the greenhouse structure. This is particularly relevant in areas prone to high winds, hail or adverse weather events.
  3. Condensation control: One of the challenges in greenhouses is condensation, which can negatively affect plant growth. However, with the inflated plastic double-skin system, condensation is minimized. The layer of air between the plastic layers prevents the formation of temperature difference between the inside and outside of the greenhouse, thus reducing condensation and associated problems such as fungal diseases.
  4. Improved energy efficiency: The double inflated plastic skin also contributes to improved energy efficiency in greenhouses. By reducing heat losses, the need for heating or cooling systems is reduced, resulting in lower energy consumption. In addition, the condensation control mentioned above avoids the energy loss associated with evaporation of condensed water.
  5. Improved crop quality: By providing a more controlled and stable environment, the double inflated plastic skin contributes to improved crop quality. More uniform temperature and humidity, combined with a lower incidence of fungal diseases, promote healthy growth and higher quality production in terms of taste, texture and appearance.

The adoption of the inflated plastic double-skin system in greenhouses offers a number of significant benefits for growers and producers. In addition to providing increased thermal insulation, impact resistance and condensation control, it also improves energy efficiency and crop quality. When considering building or upgrading a greenhouse, it is critical to evaluate the advantages of using double chamber inflated plastic and how it can contribute to optimizing plant growth and production efficiency.

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