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J.Huete International

A decades-long linkage for greenhouses built in several phases

J. Huete International has an extensive track record that has allowed it to establish strong ties with companies and institutions of different sizes and locations. One such relationship has been with Salvador Belmonte S.L., part of the BioSabor cooperative, since the early 2000s, when the Almeria-based company began its protected cultivation activity.

At that time, greenhouses were built with a window that, over time, evolved to zenithal butterfly ventilation, which offers better ventilation, something essential in the hot, arid and humid climate of Almeria.

In addition, the Salvador Belmonte S.L. facility has evolved to improve production through climate control inside the greenhouse thanks to the firm of J. Huete International. Currently, it has a width of 9.6 meters and a distance to the gutter of 5 meters, which provides better conditions for the plants.

Thermal screens, hot water heating and double plastic coating

To cope with the low nighttime temperatures recorded during the winter, J. Huete International installed thermal screens and hot water heating and recently incorporated a buffer tank. The double plastic coating was also implemented to reduce temperature losses and keep the heat in winter and cool in summer.

Salvador Belmonte S.L. is one of J. Huete International’s oldest clients and is part of the BioSabor cooperative, for which our company designed and built a part of its thirty hectares dedicated to organic and ecological products that require advanced techniques and adequate greenhouses to avoid pests and other problems affecting the plants.

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