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Berryfesta: Reinforced gothic macro tunnels for strawberry cultivation

Some strawberry growers were looking for a new solution to grow hydroponically in raised beds, with all the benefits this brings, without having to make the time and cost investment involved in the design and construction of high-tech greenhouses.

Faced with this situation, the innovation team at J. Huete International set to work and created the Berryfesta model, an installation of gothic macro tunnels with a reinforced structure inspired by the greenhouses that the company has been installing around the world for almost thirty years. Underneath this reinforced iron skeleton are metal gutter hydroponics troughs that can be placed either elevated on poles or hung from the ceiling, and can even be fitted with a system whereby they can be swung horizontally to create working aisles, thus increasing the number of lines and, therefore, the production.

These cropping systems increase production levels as a consequence of all their characteristics and benefits, as recently proven by farmers in Mexico and Japan who have experienced increases in their final quantities of each cycle.

J. Huete International installed the Berryfesta model for a major Spanish strawberry producer in the northern half of the Iberian Peninsula. There he set up three production zones to cover an area of 4.5 hectares. One of these zones houses the most common Berryfesta, with plastic covering, while the other two incorporate netting to protect the plants from the strong winds that occur in the area, thus ensuring an environment conducive to strawberry growth.

It is worth noting that the Berryfesta model, apart from being efficient and adjustable to any investment capacity, also entails a quick and agile installation. J. Huete International installed this project in just over a month, thus adjusting to the strict production cycles of this important client.

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