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Transforming strawberry cultivation: the success story of J. Huete Greenhouses in the U.S.A.

When it comes to innovation and excellence in the greenhouse industry, J. Huete Greenhouses stands out as the undisputed leader. One of their major projects is an impressive 1-hectare strawberry facility in the U.S., a clear example of how we have helped revolutionize protected agriculture. Read on to discover the incredible details of this success story!

✅ Avant-garde Design

This J. Huete Greenhouses facility is a true milestone in the agricultural industry. With a channel height of 5 meters and a ridge height of 7.55 meters, the space is optimally utilized to maximize productivity and crop growth. The reinforced structure allows for hanging crop gutters and facilitates efficient drainage collection.

🌬️ Innovative ventilation

Ventilation plays a crucial role in the success of any greenhouse, and J. Huete Greenhouses has taken this to the next level. With a butterfly-type overhead ventilation system and roll-up perimeter ventilation, airflow and temperature are precisely controlled, creating an optimal environment for plant growth.

🌊 Sustainability and Water Efficiency

J. Huete Greenhouses cares about water care, and this is reflected in its impressive water reservoir of almost 700 cubic meters. With this efficient storage system, an adequate and sustainable supply of water for the crops is guaranteed. In addition, energy-saving screens and twenty air recirculators help to optimize resource consumption and reduce environmental impact.

🌡️ Advanced Climate Control

The key to success in protected agriculture lies in precise climate control, and J. Huete Greenhouses has achieved this with its advanced software climate control system. This system allows precise monitoring and adjustment of temperature, humidity and other key parameters, creating an ideal environment for healthy crop growth.

💦 Smart Irrigation and Smart Fertigation

The facility has a state-of-the-art irrigation and fertigation system. The cultivation channels and drainage collection in hanging and lifting models allow an efficient supply of water and nutrients to the plants, ensuring optimal growth and high-quality production.

✨ An Experienced and Committed Team

Behind this success story is the J. Huete Greenhouses team, with their vast experience and commitment to excellence. Their perforated sleeve diesel air heating and commissioning by their own team demonstrates their dedication to providing complete and customized solutions to their customers.


This success story of J. Huete GreenGreenhouses in a 1-hectare facility is a true testament to their vision and commitment to innovation in protected agriculture. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices, they have succeeded in creating an ideal environment for crop growth and development.

With their focus on water efficiency and advanced climate control, J. Huete Greenhouses demonstrates their commitment to sustainability and conservation of natural resources. Its nearly 700 cubic meter water reservoir and energy-saving screen system ensure the responsible use of water and energy.

In addition, its focus on smart irrigation and fertigation, using crop channels and drainage collection in hanging and lifting models, allows for an efficient supply of water and nutrients to the plants, maximizing their growth and production.

All this would not be possible without the highly experienced and committed team at J. Huete Greenhouses. Their expertise in greenhouse technology and dedication to providing customized solutions make this success story a reality.

In short, J. Huete Greenhouses has taken protected agriculture to a new level with its impressive 1-hectare facility in the United States. Their focus on innovative technology, sustainability and efficiency has resulted in an optimal environment for crop growth. This success story is an inspiring example for the agricultural industry in search of cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

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