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Greenhouses for floriculture: the example of Panda Flowers Limited

“If I had any doubts about the sustainability of our business model, I certainly would not have invested. Especially in an area that has scarce water resources,” says Igal Elezouaty, managing director of Panda Floweers, one of the best floriculture centers in Naivasha, Kenya’s main growing area.

J. Huete Greenhouses is a company specialized in the design, manufacture and assembly of all types of greenhouses, both for horticultural and flower production. For decades, our team of professionals has been working with a wide variety of clients to design and build greenhouses tailored to their specific needs.

When it comes to flower production, we know that each variety has its own specific needs and requirements in terms of lighting, temperature, humidity and other key factors. That’s why we work closely with our customers to understand their needs and design customized solutions that enable them to produce the highest quality flowers in a controlled and protected environment. From selecting the right materials to implementing innovative technologies, our goal is to provide our customers with the most efficient and cost-effective greenhouses for their flower production business.

Government project

This work is directly related to the Kenyan government as it is a government initiative that aims to boost the country’s economy as well as the region in which it is located by creating jobs.

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