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How VPM found the technology partner it needed

J. Huete International has always maintained a strong commitment to its clients’ projects, getting involved in the development from the conception of the business idea. VPM, an important Mexican tomato producer, is a good example of this.

In 2011, this company, which had extensive business experience, decided to embark on a high-tech greenhouse project to grow tomatoes. Specifically, its beef variant, as they had an option to sign a contract with another major US company.

However, throughout the development of the project, and supported by the advice of J.Huete International, the project was conceptualised in another direction: they allied with another strategic partner to export not only to the USA but also to Canada, tomatoes of the TOV type. It was the first step to build a first phase of three hectares of 9.6′ greenhouses with double overhead ventilation, air heating, double layer of plastic on the roof with inflation system, recirculators, ground cover netting, fertigation system and metal water tanks. In addition, a packing shed of more than 1,000 square metres was added, including irrigation room, offices, changing rooms, etc.

J. Huete International: full support

All beginnings are hard and this was no exception. The results were not very good due to the lack of experience in managing the staff and the growers that the project had. J.Huete International, through its subsidiary in Mexico, put the company in contact with Ceickor’s external advisors, with whom it had been working for some time, as part of its close accompaniment of the clients.

This total accompaniment allowed for a closer relationship with VPM, and to support the effort that the company has made from day one, to grow despite the fact that the project was already built and operating. The relationship between these growers and the Mexican company was fruitful and has continued to the present day, with very good results.

The evolution from then on was magnificent and in 2014, VPM needed to expand its high-tech greenhouse project, adding 1.2 hectares of these facilities, which were designed and built, once again, by J. Huete International. This time it was a wider model, 12.80m, again with double zenithal ventilation, simple plastic on the roof and perimeter, air heating, recirculators, fertigation systems, soil cover netting… The following year, in 2015, another 1.3 hectares of high-tech greenhouses with the same characteristics were added, to later include an extension to the packing house of a further 1,000 m2 with a warehouse, offices, changing rooms…

The VPM project continued to go from strength to strength and requested a third expansion phase from J. Huete International in 2016 and 2017, adding a total of 2.7 hectares of 12.80m greenhouses with similar characteristics, and a further 1,000 m2 of greenhouses.

“J. Huete International is an excellent technological partner because they have a very good technical department, with professional and passionate people. They have accompanied us and provided us with service whenever we have needed it”, says VPM.

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