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Greenhouses and high temperatures: projects in the Middle East

In this context, appropriate technology and equipment are more than an asset; they are a necessity. For crops to survive and thrive in extreme heat, effective solutions are required. Two of the key players in this fight against the scorching weather are the cooling system and the double poly, a double plastic covering designed to protect and cool greenhouses.

The purpose of this article is to explore in depth how cooling system and double poly work together to overcome the challenge of extreme heat in greenhouse agriculture in the Middle East. We will discover how these technologies have been successfully implemented in several projects and have proven to be an effective response to high temperatures, ensuring crop health and farmer profitability in this demanding region.

High Temperatures in the Middle East: An Agricultural Challenge

The Middle East is known for its extreme weather conditions, characterized by scorching summers and high temperatures that can approach and even exceed 40 degrees Celsius. These climatic conditions can be a significant challenge for agriculture in the region. Extreme heat, combined with water scarcity in many areas, poses a double challenge for farmers.

Extreme heat has a direct impact on plant growth and crop productivity in the Middle East. Here are some of the ways in which high temperatures can negatively affect agriculture:

  1. Thermal Stress in Plants: High temperatures can cause heat stress in plants, which decreases their ability to photosynthesize and assimilate nutrients. This slows growth and reduces crop yields.
  2. Moisture Loss: Extreme heat causes increased evaporation, leading to moisture loss in the soil and in plants. The resulting drought can lead to a significant decrease in crop quality and quantity.
  3. Increased Incidence of Pests and Diseases: High temperatures often create an environment conducive to pests and diseases. Plants weakened by extreme heat are more susceptible, requiring constant intervention to control these problems.
  4. Reduced Fruit Quality: Extreme heat can negatively affect the quality of fruits and vegetables, which decreases their market value and grower satisfaction.
  5. Shortened Growing Season: Under extreme heat conditions, the growing season of many plants is shortened, which decreases the time available for production and, therefore, the amount of crop that can be harvested.

The Solution to Extreme Heat in the Middle East

In the search for solutions to address the challenges of extreme heat in the Middle East, several successful projects have highlighted the importance of the right technology and equipment. One of the key players in the fight against extreme heat in agriculture is the cooling system, which controls temperature and humidity inside greenhouses. Another is the use of double plastic covering, a system that provides thermal insulation and humidity control.

This advanced equipment helps create a controlled environment in greenhouses and agricultural structures, counteracting the adverse effects of extreme heat. Together, they enable a more efficient, resilient and productive crop, which is critical in a region like the Middle East where high temperatures are a constant.

J. Huete Greenhouses projects in the Middle East have demonstrated that the combination of cooling technology and double plastic covering is highly effective in creating optimal conditions for growing plants, even in extreme climatic conditions. These success stories highlight the importance of innovation and technology in modern agriculture, especially in regions where extreme heat could pose a threat to food production.

Effective greenhouse solutions against heat: Cooling System


Imagine maintaining perfect growing conditions for your plants, even in the scorching heat of the Middle East. Thanks to innovations like the Cooling System, this dream is now a reality. So what is it exactly? It’s like a cooling breeze in the middle of the desert, but inside your greenhouse. This ingenious system involves a pair of extractors and cooling panels strategically placed inside the greenhouse. By creating a sort of ‘vacuum’, it sucks air from outside through water-soaked panels. This process cools the air and works wonders in reducing the sweltering temperatures inside.

Now, let’s take a look at real-world examples of how this cooling magic is making a difference. In greenhouses across the Middle East, the Cooling System is doing an outstanding job. Crops that once struggled to grow due to oppressive heat are now flourishing. This technology has been revolutionary, ensuring that plants receive the nurturing they need for robust growth.

Double Poly Coating: the shield against the heat

Imagine having an extra layer of protection for your crops in the scorching heat of the Middle East. This is precisely what the double plastic cover system, or Double Poly, offers. This innovative system consists of two layers of inflated plastic separated by an air chamber. At first glance, this may appear to be a simple insulator, but its benefits go far beyond that.

On hot days, it reduces the amount of heat coming in, while in winter, it acts as a heat-trapping barrier. It is a smart energy-saving strategy. Combined with cooling systems, it allows you to keep the temperature from rising significantly during the day.

Now, how has this translated into real life? In greenhouses throughout the region, from sprawling tomato fields to fragrant flower plantations, the Double Poly has proven to be a blessing. Our customers’ crops in the Middle East area that were suffering from heat problems are now holding up much better thanks to this equipment. This double layer system has been a revolution, ensuring that crops receive an optimal environment in all seasons. From the Arabian Peninsula to the oases of North Africa, farmers are reaping the rewards of this innovation. And nature is smiling too, because by requiring less energy to maintain ideal temperatures, the Doble Poly reduces energy consumption. It’s a shining example of how technology can work in harmony with nature for the benefit of all.

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Successful results in the fight against heat

In the vibrant Middle East region, heat can be a formidable challenge for agriculture. However, thanks to the implementation of innovative solutions, several greenhouse projects in this area are reaping remarkable successes.

For example, a greenhouse dedicated to tomato production faced the challenge of maintaining proper crop temperatures in the sweltering heat. The installation of a Double Poly and Cooling System has resulted in an amazing turnaround. The indoor temperature is now maintained in an optimal range, which has significantly increased the quality of the tomatoes and extended the production window.

Another greenhouse project in the Middle East specializes in a variety of vegetables. Here, the combination of Double Poly and Cooling System technologies has led to a substantial increase in productivity. Farmers have witnessed more abundant harvests and an improvement in the overall quality of their produce.

In addition, a greenhouse dedicated to flower production has seen a similar transformation thanks to these solutions. Flowers, which once struggled under the scorching heat, now bloom with more vibrant colors and extended shelf life.

Grower customers in the Middle East have expressed their satisfaction with these results, highlighting the effectiveness of these technologies in improving their operations. One farmer comments, “Our production has increased considerably, and we can now offer better quality produce all year round.” Another farmer states, “Before, the warmer months were a challenge, but now we are seeing our flowers bloom even in the middle of summer.” These testimonials reflect the positive impact these solutions are having on agriculture in the Middle East, where extreme heat is no longer an insurmountable obstacle.

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