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Positive pressure in greenhouses: the ultimate method to protect Medical Cannabis from parasites

J. Huete International successfully implements this advanced positive pressure system in a Medical Cannabis facility in Portugal.

Diseases and parasites are two of the biggest problems faced by growers when it comes to cultivating Medical Cannabis. While they are already a nightmare with the traditional ones, the delicacy of growing Medical Cannabis plants makes them a special target for protection.

A positive pressure system makes it possible to create environmental conditions inside the greenhouse that repel insects and pests.

That is why agricultural companies are trying to find strategies, systems and formulas with which they can combat this problem and even, if possible, avoid it in the first place. That was one of the goals of J. Huete International when it was assigned a high-tech project for Medical Cannabis cultivation in Portugal: How could we further improve the control of the cultivation parameters? Could we include biological air control to the control variables? Would all this be out of balance with other concepts of the turnkey project such as synergy, efficiency or optimisation?

Positive pressure: what it is and how it works
A positive pressure system makes it possible to create environmental conditions inside the greenhouse that repel insects and pests so that they cannot affect the plants germinating and growing inside the greenhouse. In the case of this high-tech installation dedicated to Medical Cannabis in Portugal, J. Huete International designed an integral circuit that configures the internal pressure optimally for this purpose, thus ensuring maximum protection for the crop.

“Positive pressure is achieved when the inlet fans have more airflow than the outlet fans, thus creating positive air pressure inside the greenhouse,” says Amir Abbas Khan, project manager for Medical Cannabis at J. Huete International and one of those responsible for the design of this Portuguese facility.

“It was a nice challenge to take on. This type of greenhouse has a lot of technological equipment, and in this specific case, it includes cultivation tables, ventilation, climate control, cooling system, lighting, dehumidification… But we also wanted to go a step further with the novelty of positive pressure,” says Amir.

This project, located in the centre-south of Portugal, also incorporates shading screens, perimeter ventilation, insect screens, a water heating system, climate control, automatic irrigation systems, artificial lighting, etc.

“It is a comprehensive and very complete project in which we have been involved from the very first moment, almost from the very conception of the idea, and in which we will accompany our client until the handover of the keys”, says Amir.

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