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These are the ultra-technified greenhouses that we’ve built for an important agricultural multinational in South America

J. Huete Greenhouses has just finished the construction of two ultra-technified greenhouses in South America for an important multinational company. This project aims to implement high-tech facilities for seed research.

“This is a very interesting project for J. Huete Greenhouses because it required a lot of engineering work to design everything our client needed. It was also a demanding challenge to comply with all the regulations and safety measures. In this sense, we put in a lot of effort and we are very satisfied with a magnificent job on our part,” expresses Javier Huete, CEO of the company.

This success story revolves around the meticulous design and implementation of cutting-edge features, setting a new standard in greenhouse technology.

Below is a breakdown of some of its characteristics:

Advantages of Gothic design: The adoption of a Gothic structure has several advantages over traditional round arches. The steeper slope facilitates better condensation runoff, maximizes light capture, especially during the early and late hours of the day, and increases the total volume by 12%, providing improved climatic inertia for better temperature and humidity control.

Lighting: This is one of the key points of this ultra-technified facility. The integration of LED lighting in each sector improves luminosity, promoting optimal plant growth. An average illumination level of 327 µmol/m²/s with a uniformity coefficient of 99% is noteworthy.

Superior ventilation strategies: A supercenit butterfly ventilation system has been incorporated to efficiently expel accumulated hot air from the upper section of the greenhouse, promoting efficient air exchange with the outside. The roof features butterfly windows, each with independent motorized controls, ensuring precise adjustment by means of an automated double rack and pinion mechanism. This system, together with the gothic shape, contributes to better climate control.

Optimization of the plastic cover: The plastic cover is formulated with light-diffusing filters, ideal for crops. The addition of mineral content, such as EVA, ensures high thermal efficiency, slowing temperature loss inside the greenhouse. It should be noted that the plastic was installed using a mobile trolley, an innovation developed by J. Huete Greenhouses itself.

Insect control and shading: 6 x 9 mesh screens are strategically placed in the zenithal louvers to improve ventilation and prevent the entry of larger insects, such as tuta absoluta. In addition, horizontal shading screens are recommended for temperature control, providing protection from solar radiation, reducing heat and saving energy.

Light and thermal blocking screens: Vertical shading screens offer 99.9% darkness, ideal for sensitive plants, with UV-resistant materials ensuring long-term effectiveness. These screens also help reflect sunlight away from the greenhouse, preventing unwanted heat buildup.

Humidification and air circulation: The AIR-FOG system, designed specifically for greenhouses, introduces a unique low-pressure air-water misting technology. This system effectively cools semi-enclosed environments and uniformly humidifies the space.

Air recirculation and heating: Air recirculation fans, equipped with corrosion-resistant components, contribute to efficient climate regulation, while a three-star certified steel boiler ensures adequate heating.

Drip irrigation and fertigation system: A drip irrigation system, with two self-compensating drippers per pot, ensures an accurate water supply. The fertigation system, with proportional fertilizer metering pumps, provides essential nutrients to the crops.

Cultivation and drainage systems: Metal channel lines with Spacer for hydroponic cultivation ensure optimal root health for plants to reach their maximum productive potential.

Climate control automation: The automation system manages complex climate control requirements. Customized configuration covers ventilation, LED lighting, opaque screens, shading screens, heating, recirculation fans and misting systems.

Work machinery: In order to perform all the tasks required in a high-tech facility, it has been necessary to include an automated and autonomous robot to carry out phytosanitary treatments, as well as electric scissor scaffolding.

Safety measures: J. Huete Greenhouses prioritizes safety with edge protection systems along the sides of the channel, including safety nets and anchor lines that comply with European standards. In this sense, it is important to highlight once again the use of the trolley for the installation of the plastic, an efficient measure that extends the guarantee of safety, as well as an automated access control to the greenhouses.

In summary, the success of J. Huete Greenhouses in the construction of these advanced facilities underlines the commitment to precision and innovation in agricultural research, offering a model for sustainable and efficient greenhouse operations in South America.


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