J. Huete International teaches UPCT students to design a greenhouse for hemp cultivation

Students from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena have participated this week in a class given by Amir Abbas Khan, head of Medical Cannabis projects at J. Huete International, in which they have been trained to design an intelligent greenhouse with high technology for hemp cultivation.
The students of the online Greenhouse Hemp Cultivation Specialist course learnt about the main concepts involved in designing one of these facilities for protected cultivation, such as the approach to the structure, the type of greenhouse, its shape, its surface area, its orientation, etc.

Technology for hemp cultivation

They have also learned about some key features of its equipment, which J. Huete International incorporates in real projects in more than thirty-five countries, such as its ventilation systems, positive pressure, its double inflated plastic cover, its shading screens for energy saving, its active cooling systems, dehumidification, heating, carbonic fertilisation, climate control, irrigation, hydroponics, etc.

This edition of the hemp cultivation course is the fourth held by the UPCT in collaboration with the chair led by Agritech Murcia. The aim of the course is to train technicians who can optimise the performance of greenhouses dedicated to hemp cultivation, maximising their yield and resources.

Hemp cultivation is a growing activity due to the high demand it has in the market and the environmental interest in finding alternatives to plastic, as well as the medicinal properties it has for health. It is, without going any further, the raw material for more than 25,000 food, textile and medicinal products.

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