Dupont Pioneer Technology Center

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DuPont Pioneer plans to inaugurate Multicrop Technology Center of Seville


It is a pioneering center of its kind in Spain and is the highest European level. It will open on September 21th.



DuPont Pioneer, is a major producer US hybrid seeds for agriculture. Leading supplier of genetically modified organisms, including genetically modified insect resistant and herbicide crops.

Plans to inaugurate next September 21th its Multicrop Technology Center of La Rinconada (Seville). The company decides to increase its competitiveness in the global market of sunflower through the launch of a greenhouse and lab to implement product development technologies. The multicrop character of the center will conduct research not only in sunflower, but also on rapeseed or corn.


For the location of the center, several areas were assessed globally, choosing Europe as more logical region. They needed a location where climatic conditions were appropriate for growing sunflowers throughout the year. Seville was chosen because it met all the requirements.

The Pioneer Technology Center has the largest area dedicated to research greenhouses Sunflower of the world. It is a hectare of Gothic greenhouse with the latest technology in cooling, heating, drip irrigation and extension photoperiod technology. The center has 700 m2 of laboratories where work on pathologies and embryo rescue.



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