Importance of a good Mounting and Construction Process of a Greenhouse

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Importance of a good Mounting and Construction Process of a Greenhouse



Over the years, companies manufacturing Greenhouses of good technological level have invested in technology development, drawing on the experience accumulated in projects installed in different parts of the world, with different climates, for various types of crops.


Such is our case in J.Huete, we have installed projects in more than 25 countries, for more than 22 years, accumulating the knowledge that is the basis for our greenhouse models that include all this technological development. We use the best materials and take care of the smallest quality detail in the manufacture of our Greenhouses, which allows them to have the strength to withstand the loads of cultivation and extreme climatic conditions, as required. All this, together with the proper equipment and good management of the crop, allows that in the greenhouses that are constructed nowadays, the yields are superior, in quality and quantity, to those that were had with Greenhouses of previous generations.




However, all this would result in vain, if not taken care of, with all detail and professionalism, the process of construction and assembly of the Greenhouse. Because if there is a good foundation of the structure, efficient leveling, each and every one of the reinforcements are placed in place and in conditions, according to the design, there is a great risk that the structural elements do not fulfill their function. This may even lead to the collapse of the Greenhouse, in situations of demanding crop load or extreme weather conditions (winds, snow, rain), which should not originally give a problem, as they were designed, but due to poor assembly, all this is no longer fulfilled.


In J.Huete, concerned about this, on one hand, we generate the Assembly Manuals of our models of Greenhouses, using the most advanced Software for this. We provide the complete and detailed information, on how each one of the parts that compose our Greenhouses, have to be mounted, in an accurate and detailed way, with graphs, 2D and 3D images, as well as annotations and explanations. And, on the other hand, we always send a Technical Supervisor of J.Huete, which is essential to ensure that all this is carried out, during the assembly phase.


By ensuring that the Greenhouse is built and assembled, as designed, we are guaranteed to meet the expected strength and functionality. Otherwise, on the contrary, there will be a high risk of serious problems with the structure during operation.



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