J. Huete International will build a high-tech glasshouse in Portugal


The first phase of the project starts in February after a complex design process

J. Huete International is starting to build in February a glasshouse full of high-tech equipment for a very important producing company from Portugal.

This technique project has needed a long, complex and specialised design process, so J. Huete International has made some efforts for solving it thanks to its wonderful and professional team of professionals.

“Each project requests the best of us”, says the CEO of J. Huete International, Javier Huete. “This one requests concrete specifications, so it is a very special glasshouse. We are very happy to answer effectively to our customers, projects and markets needs”, he asserts.

This project adds to the large number of greenhouses designed and built by J. Huete International in recent years in Europe. Specifically, it has worked many times in Portugal because this market relies on the Spanish company for quoting its expansion projects.

All over the world
J. Huete International has been designing and building high-tech greenhouses all over the world since 1995. Its experience has allowed it to develop complete and turnkey projects for the main agricultural companies in more than 35 countries, from fruit and vegetable growers to seeds and Medical Cannabis companies.

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