J. Huete International manufactures a high-tech greenhouse in Northern Europe

The project, which has advanced equipment, is able to maximise the production of strawberries, also in winter. The greenhouse is more efficient by optimising the climate and saving on energy and irrigation water

Over the last few months, we have been 100% involved in a high-tech greenhouse project for sustainable strawberry cultivation, with which our client intends to manage pests and diseases in an integrated way and to produce with techniques that minimise the use of phytosanitary products, thus encouraging, for example, the appearance and care of beneficial insects.

These crops will be grown in raised troughs with coco substrate. The system makes the substrate more aerated, prevents the roots from slipping out of the substrate bags and moisture accumulation, improves root development during the growing cycle and prevents root diseases, lengthening production cycles and improving yields. This makes cultivation more sustainable and efficient due to the:

  • Its reinforced structure supports the weight of both crops and carcasses, as well as the weight of snow and a load of strong winds.
  • It has almost seven metres of distance to the ridge.
  • It has a double roof window (butterfly window).
  • The cladding is double plastic inflated to increase insulation and better preserve the temperature inside. It is currently the best coverage that a greenhouse can have from an energy-saving point of view. The air chamber between the two plastics means that this type of covering acts as a great insulator and prevents heat loss, thus saving on gas consumption. In addition, the double cladding allows the environment to be kept cool in summer.
  • Recirculation and air generators have been installed that work with gas, both indirect and direct combustion, the latter providing the necessary CO2 to the crops.

This project adds to the long list of works carried out by J. Huete International on the five continents.

This international vocation allows us to take our capacity for innovation to many places around the world. Aware of the importance of the development of tools for agriculture, at J. Huete International we have been working for years on the design and calculation of structures, technological components, performance systems and the manufacture of straw that bring new possibilities to the sector.

We also collaborate in research projects with the Polytechnic University of Cartagena and the Metal Technology Centre, as well as the Institute of Development of the Region of Murcia and the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development.

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