J. Huete International builds a high-tech greenhouse for seed research in South America

  • The Spanish company, located in Murcia, is developing this project for an important international agricultural company

J. Huete International has begun construction of a high-tech greenhouse dedicated to seed research in South America for a major international agricultural producer. The Spanish company has added this project to the large-scale work it is carrying out during 2022 in various parts of the world, such as the United Kingdom, Iraq, Portugal and Spain.

This greenhouse located in South America will be dedicated to seed research, so it needs very advanced technological equipment that J. Huete International has designed for export from Spain. Specifically, and given the climatic conditions of the place where this facility is located, it will have equipment for climate control, both to avoid the intense heat of the day and some phases of the year, as well as the cold at night and in winter.

The latest generation cooling system, which includes air fog and air recirculators, as well as the heating system -with boiler and rail tubes-, is particularly noteworthy. As for lighting, it incorporates LED lights in the production areas both to facilitate visibility and to promote optimal seedling development.

It also includes crop channels with drainage, separators, rail tubes and machinery; drip irrigation system with a header, fertigation, climate control with software included, and shading and light blocking screens both horizontally and vertically.

Proven experience
Greenhouses for seed research are very special facilities due to their equipment and technology needs. J. Huete International has worked with the main companies in this sector all over the world, designing and building their seed and seedling study and production centres, so it has a wide experience that it applies to all its turnkey projects.

The objective of these facilities with applied technology is to achieve the optimum development of each seed at its most crucial moment. To this end, apart from providing the R&D&I departments of agricultural companies with the necessary technology and equipment, J. Huete International offers an after-sales advisory and start-up service to achieve maximum greenhouse yield peaks as soon as possible.

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