J. Huete International to visit the Medical Cannabis Europe Conference 2022

On 15 and 16 September, the second edition of the Medical Cannabis Europe Conference will be held in Lisbon, an event at which the leading experts in this crop will meet to discuss and clarify doubts about the existing regulations governing the marketing of cannabis-based products for medicinal purposes.
These licenses involve all stages of the production chain, not only the manufacture and sale of the final product itself but also the design and construction of the facilities that house the cannabis plants intended for medicinal use.

In this regard, J. Huete International, which will be visiting the fair with its stand and staff specialising in medical cannabis, will be able to answer any questions participants may have, and also show them examples of the high-tech greenhouse projects it has designed, built and equipped in various parts of the world.

Programme of the Medical Cannabis Conference Europe 2022

The medical cannabis industry has been increasing its market share for years thanks to the legalisation, sale and consumption of products for medical use to alleviate chronic ailments, skin problems, psychological problems, etc. According to various analysts, and as published on the event’s website, by the end of 2025 the medical cannabis market could reach 3.2 billion euros.

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