J. Huete International visits Greentech with its smart greenhouse solutions

  • Around 15,000 professionals from all over the world will visit Amsterdam from June 14 to 16 to learn about the latest technological developments in the agricultural sector

J. Huete International will visit the Greentech fair in Amsterdam next week with its high-tech greenhouses and the large-scale projects it has designed and built-in around forty countries over the last thirty years.
Among the innovations, it will be shown at Greentech are the new greenhouse climate control strategies that the company is implementing in projects around the world. In particular, the semi-enclosed systems, are more productive and airtight solutions that require less water, energy and chemical use.

These climate control installations allow positive pressure ventilation with indoor and outdoor air, or a combination of both, and ensure better control of temperature and humidity. In addition, they integrate into their structure a climatic chamber space where the air is mixed according to the needs to provide it in optimal form and temperature to the crop. This type of greenhouse can be used to produce practically any type of crop, including medical cannabis.

In addition, J. Huete International will bring other of its innovative specialized systems to automate work inside the greenhouses, thus optimizing crop production and maximizing both quantity and quality.

These new technological methods that J. Huete International implements in its large-scale greenhouse projects are developed by its R&D&I team and are focused on improving the performance of heating equipment, air recirculation, irrigation, humidification, CO2 input, climate control, drainage, reservoirs, storage tanks, and lighting, etc.

After these last two years, the J. Huete International sales team will meet again in person with customers and contacts to present their high-tech solutions for greenhouse growth. As always, all visitors are welcome at stand 01.227, where they will be attended by our colleagues.

Commitment to innovation and sustainability
J. Huete International maintains an indelible commitment to research and application of new solutions tailored to the ideas of its customers. The company, based in Alcantarilla (Region of Murcia), but with a strong international presence, has a multidisciplinary team that promotes new high-tech solutions, efficient and sustainable, to apply to their greenhouse projects, with the aim of facilitating the production of healthier and stronger crops and minimizing the carbon footprint.


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