J. Huete International visits Mauritania together with Agritech Murcia

A delegation of several companies from the Region, with the support of this INFO institution, meets with several cooperatives and staff of the Ministry of Agriculture of the African country

A group of companies belonging to Agritech Murcia, among which was J. Huete International, visited Mauritania to meet with several agricultural cooperatives and the Ministry of Agriculture to create export links to the African country.

Mauritania has a high number of farms that have seen increased difficulties due to the climate field, so they need infrastructure and implementations in terms of equipment.

The delegation of companies belonging to Agritech Murcia met with two of the most important cooperatives, Hartallo and Bababe Looti Belal, as well as with Semega and other entities.

This visit, from which business opportunities for Murcian companies are sure to arise, is part of the Foreign Promotion Plan that the INFO executes together with the chambers of commerce of Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca and that focuses on the Maghreb and West Africa.

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