J. Huete International, manufacturer of high-tech greenhouses in the UK

We have installed a lot of high-tech greenhouses in the UK. The most recent? A large project for hydroponic berries cultivation in the English country

English growers can now use high-tech greenhouses with the highest quality materials and installation thanks to J. Huete International. The company specialises in large projects with many automation systems, which are highly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. So they comply with European regulations and the objectives of sustainable development.

Manufacturer of greenhouses in the UK

J. Huete International has just completed a high-tech project in the UK where a grower is going to start growing berries in winter in a greenhouse with substrate and advanced drainage systems. This will be possible thanks to the high technology that has been implemented in the project, such as a reinforced structure to withstand snow and wind, a double zenith window, a double covering (the best on the market today) to improve thermal insulation, circulators and air generators that are even capable of providing CO2 to the crops for optimal growth.

J. Huete International carries out integrated projects in the UK, providing turnkey solutions to clients in a fast, professional and cost-effective manner, tailored to each country. The company also has a design team that works on developing new technological systems to be more efficient and accurate in adverse weather situations, so snow or wind will not be a problem.

Greenhouses in the UK… and beyond

J. Huete International is a leading builder of high-tech greenhouses in the UK and is working on more projects in other parts of the world. Since its inception in 1995, the company has built large-scale sustainable and technological greenhouse projects in other European countries, Central and South America, Africa and Asia, so it is well prepared to meet any challenge or need the client may have.

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