Members of the regional government visit J. Huete International

The Regional Minister of Enterprise, Employment, Universities and Spokesperson, Valle Miguélez, and the Director of INFO, Joaquín Gómez, visited J. Huete International on Tuesday. Its CEO, Javier Huete, acted as cicerone during the tour, in which they visited the offices and the factory.
They also attended a brief presentation of the company, in which they learned about more than a dozen greenhouse projects that J. Huete International has recently designed and built both in Spain and abroad, including the United States, Malaysia, Iran, Mexico and Kazakhstan, among others.

Afterwards, the delegation visited the large factory -more than 12,000 m2-, where they saw some of the technological equipment that the company is installing for certain international clients, such as a state-of-the-art irrigation head. Also materials and the treatment processes to which they are subjected to manufacture the final products that raise the technological level of the agricultural projects designed and built by J. Huete International.

During the visit, Valle Miguélez explained that exports of agricultural technology from the Region of Murcia exceeded 275 million euros last year, with an upturn in the sale of greenhouses, figures in which J. Huete International played its part.

Commitment to innovation and sustainability

J. Huete International maintains its commitment to research and the application of new solutions tailored to the ideas of its customers. The company, based in Spain, has a strong international presence and a multidisciplinary team that promotes new high-tech solutions, too. J. Huete International’s projects are efficient and sustainable, and its objective is to maximize the production of healthier and stronger crops, minimizing the carbon footprint.

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