National Strawberry Festival

J.Huete International had the pleasure of participating in the National Strawberry Festival in Jinan Province, China, last December with the main purpose of sharing the international experience with projects for strawberry production and how the efficiency can be highly improved through the use of indoor technology in a controlled environment.

This is the first Symposium of this kind specialized in strawberry that is being held in China. Jinan City has a population of 9 million people and the region itself is exceeding 100 million people now. This area is well-known in the country for its agricultural production and, more particularly for its strawberry greenhouse production.

The Regional Government also invited a diverse group of university professors and PhDs from Japan and South Korea specialized in strawberry greenhouse horticulture. They could share their personal experience and technological innovations on irrigation, fertilization, different varieties with its characteristics and on the indoor cultivation.

We had the chance to carry out a presentation before a large number of growers, displaying our technology and the experience consolidated throughout the years with the execution of turn-key projects in China and in more than 30 countries up to now. In this sense, the human quality, the flexibility and the high reaction capacity as well as the adaptation capacity are highly valued strong points of J.Huete International, especially in this country with such a rapid growth and its very particular character.

During the visit we could also know first-hand the methods, the habits and the resources available in the country for strawberry growing and the quality of its production in the region. We found really surprising the quality of the strawberries and, particularly, the use of Japanese white strawberry varieties like the “White Jewel”. We were agreeably surprised to see the experience that they have in this area with this curious pineberry with a mixed flavor between strawberry and a touch of pineapple. The results are very good for a traditional method: very good texture, healthy and full of flavor fruits.

As we could also notice, the level of competitiveness among the local growers is very high which makes the current productivity no longer acceptable. On this last point, J.Huete International offers a solution for the upgrading process with a proven profitable business model.

If you need further information on greenhouse strawberry cultivation, as well as on different techniques and systems available, send us an email to and one of our growers specialized in strawberry systems will assist you.

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