J. Huete International starts a new project of gothic macro tunnels for strawberry cultivation in Spain

túneles góticos fresa

The project includes 4.5 hectares, where J. Huete International will install its new Berryfesta model: an innovation that uses a structure inspired by greenhouses and hydroponics gutters

J. Huete International has a premiere. The company from Spain has developed a new model of installation for strawberry cultivation called Berryfesta with which it intends to provide a new solution to the producers of this demanded fruit.

These are gothic macro tunnels with a reinforced structure inspired by greenhouses that, at the same time, are capable of optimizing the initial investment required to the maximum. This structure incorporates a plastic cover to which mesh can be added on the sides, depending on the location and the customer’s needs.

In addition, J. Huete International’s model of gothic macro tunnels, the Berryfesta, incorporates cultivation channels and drainage collection of maximum quality and durability in two modalities: elevated on posts or hanging from the structure. These cultivation systems improve the production levels of strawberry plants, as has been seen recently by Mexican growers who have detected growth of 5%, as well as Japanese greenhouses that in their first production obtained 12% more greenhouse.

This project, located in Spain, covers 4.5 hectares in which J. Huete International is installing its Berryfesta gothic macro tunnels with channels raised on poles.

In addition, thanks to the agility and experience gained during three decades of designing and building agricultural facilities around the world, J. Huete International is developing this project on a very tight schedule to favour the production periods of the end customer’s strawberry plants.

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