J. Huete International, manufacturer of high-tech nurseries and seedbeds

These are greenhouses for the production of seeds, equipped for their germination under adequate, optimal and efficient conditions

A seed nursery, also known as a seedbed, is a protected facility under which seeds of horticultural or floral crops are germinated. For seed companies, to develop their full potential, they rely on strategic partners, nursery and seedbed manufacturers, who design and build them to ensure efficiency in the processes of sowing, germination, and production.

In addition, when dealing with seeds and their germination, we are dealing with the most delicate moment and the seeds need a constant and highly adequate climatic condition, so it is very important to install the right technological equipment, as well as the right distribution for the different phases.

J. Huete International’s seed greenhouses can be divided into specialized zones for various processes to optimize seed germination. They can be used, for example, as seedbeds, nurseries, germination areas, even for customer service, offices, retail…

  • Sowing area: sowing is carried out here, either by hand or with automated machinery.
  • Germination chambers: as the name suggests, they are used for seed germination.
  • Production greenhouse: if the greenhouse requires it, it can include this area, where the seedlings are placed after germination until they are to be transplanted.
  • Acclimatization: in this area, the seedlings are prepared for the conditions they will encounter in the field later on.

For the proper functioning of a greenhouse for seeds, it is important, apart from having differentiated spaces, to include high-tech equipment to control the climate inside the nursery, so that the most optimal climate for the growth of each type of seed can be developed.

Optimal conditions of a greenhouse for seeds, seedbed or nursery:

Since seed germination requires very specific conditions for its correct development, greenhouses, seedbeds and nurseries must have specifications that generate the best climatic environment.

In the first place, it is necessary to have a large volume, since it is in this type of greenhouse where the climate can be better controlled. It is also important that the previous design includes the mechanized agricultural work to be carried out in the production phases so that labour is efficient. Adequate zenithal and perimeter ventilation and high airtightness will also promote optimal seed development, as will correct and well-distributed light.

Technology for seed greenhouses, nurseries and seedbeds:

Among the high-tech equipment that can be used for a seed greenhouse, nursery or seedbed include:

  • Cooling systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Fog system
  • Heating systems with water or hot air under the trays
  • Inverted sprinkler or micro-sprinkler irrigation systems
  • CO2

Other types of equipment for seed greenhouses, nurseries and seedbeds:

As manufacturers of this type of facility for seed production, we know that it is also important to have equipment of:

  • Trays
  • Shading screens
  • Thermal screens
  • Sliding rails
Success story: Nursery designed and manufactured by J. Huete International

Our company has several similar projects for seed companies, designing and building the installation and accompanying the client from the conception of the idea to the delivery of keys and opening of the business.

An example is a nursery built for Procat in Spain that has exterior shading screens, hot water heating, an irrigation system… Another seedbed project is the one manufactured for Deitana, an installation that incorporates our equipment for climate control JH-Eco-Clima.

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