Advices for the design of your nursery

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Advices for the design of your nursery



No two greenhouses are the same, the design of each greenhouse is conditioned by several factors:

– Climatic conditions: The greenhouse structure adapts to the climatic conditions such as wind speed, snow load, relative humidity, highest and lowest temperature, etc. to avoid stress to the plants inside.

– Crop: Each plant has several needs that can be satisfied with the design and several problems that can also be avoided.

– Client preferences: These can be esthetic, due to crop management, depending on the quantity and quality of local man labor, etc. and will affect the design of the structure and the systems inside the greenhouse.

The usual is that the plant, when it gets to the production greenhouse, is already formed and, even if it’s delicate, can support some climatic or sickness stress but, in the case of a nursery, the plant is at its most delicate moment so the environment must be constant and benevolent.

A production greenhouse must be designed in order to obtain the highest crop production and can include the best systems available such as heating, cooling, CO2 supply, artificial light, thermal or shade screen, double inflatable layer of plastic, etc.


The priority in the design of a nursery is to avoid the death of the seedling, so the systems are focused towards its wellness avoiding sudden temperature changes and maintaining the temperature as close as possible to the seedlings optimal one.

Therefore it’s the client duty to provide all the previous information and J.Huete’s engineering department to design the structure and choose the most adequate systems so that they provide the client the best possible results.



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