J. Huete Greenhouses receives the award for Best Institutional Web at the La Verdad Web Awards.

The new website of J. Huete Greenhouses has received the prestigious award for the best institutional website in this year’s edition of the Web Awards, organized by the newspaper La Verdad.

This recognition highlights the digital excellence of J. Huete Greenhouses, whose website has been praised for its innovative design, user-friendly navigation and informative content. The La Verdad Web Awards seek to recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements in the digital arena, and the distinction of Best Institutional Website is a testament to J. Huete Greenhouses’ commitment to online quality and innovation.

Jhuete.com, developed by the company’s in-house team and agency Mark Sonoma, not only serves as a digital window into the world of state-of-the-art greenhouses, but also reflects the company’s forward-thinking vision. From its intuitive design to its content, the website has been carefully designed to offer an immersive experience for visitors, providing detailed information about its products, services and its impact on modern agriculture.

The awards ceremony, which took place at Odysseus, was an exciting event that brought together leading digital professionals. J. Huete Greenhouses’ win in the Best Institutional Website category further cemented its position as a leader in the greenhouse industry and highlighted its dedication to innovation in all aspects of its operation.

About J. Huete Greenhouses:

J. Huete Greenhouses is a leading designer, manufacturer and assembler of high-tech greenhouses. With decades of experience, the company has contributed significantly to the advancement of greenhouse technology worldwide. Its commitment to innovation, sustainability and excellence has been recognized on several occasions.

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