Price of a greenhouse


One of the most common questions in the sector and more difficult to answer, usually is: How much does it cost a greenhouse? Well, to calculate the price of a greenhouse is necessary to have an initial basic information:

  • Climate of the area.
  • Dimensions of the project.
  • Type of crop.
  • Equipment and technology.


Climate of the area

Depending on the climate where the greenhouse will be built, we will study what greenhouse model is the best suited to the climatic conditions of the area. There are several types of greenhouses, in structure and equipment, therefore may be a considerable difference in the price of the greenhouse depending on the structure design and the loads that may support. To prepare a good quotation we need to study the temperature, humidity, wind, snow, solar radiation and other environmental factors.

Dimensions of the project

It is essential to indicate the surface and the form that the project is going to have to assess the price of a greenhouse. It’s not the same if the greenhouse has an irregular shape that if it has a regular shape. All details that the customer provides, crop area, location, etc., will be helpful for the study of the project in our Engineering Department.

Type of crop

Depending on the product to be grown in the greenhouse, you can change the model of the structure, the distance between crop lines or different special accessories for this type of crop, consequently there will be a difference in the price of the greenhouse. There are crops that have similar production and growth, but other types of crops need a reinforced structure and special equipment.

Equipment y technology

Depending on the technology that we want to install in the project, it will be affected the price of the greenhouse. A greenhouse can be installed with different equipment, such as: ventilation, heating, cooling system, air fog, screen shading, irrigation, hydroponic systems, artificial lighting, carbon dioxide supply, automation, etc.

These initial basic characteristics and other data that will be studied for the project, will set the price of the greenhouse.

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